OneStream Live is a fantastic live streaming service catering to a diverse set of users. Its clients are individuals and teams who stream diverse content but do it efficiently. It can help people showcase their digital shop for the marketplace or help SEO digital marketing agency to demonstrate their successful campaigns in a live stream. The list is ongoing.

Webinars are a common live stream application suitable for product demos, online training, lessons, and many more. However, webinars can be streamed in dozens of different ways on multiple platforms. What is it that OneStream offers that can make your live stream webinars successful? Let’s find out!

Increase Your Audience

Every type of webinar has its requirements to be successful. While some webinars should be restricted in their audience, product demo webinars should have the biggest audience possible, like a lesson. Here is where OneStream’s first strength comes in.

It can help you increase your visibility over the web by connecting you to multiple social media accounts.

For example, you have just found 3 Facebook groups in which you want to stream your product demo live. You also have YouTube and Twitch audience that you want to cater to. You cannot manage these five live streams at the same time by yourself or redo the product demo five times.

You can configure your OBS with OneStream and get the issue sorted. Once OBS is configured, you can send the stream from OBS to OneStream and choose how many platforms you want your stream to be broadcasted on. Forget five; OneStream allows you to broadcast to 40 plus social media accounts. Hence, you can reach a wider audience by being at more places at once.

Remove Mistakes from Your Webinars

Some webinars do not require audience participation, such as product demo and recorded training programs. Performing live, however, is a daunting task. Nerves start to act up; we make mistakes that demotivate us, trapping us in a negative feedback loop. We never want to go live again.

With OneStream, you can rest assured of all such concerns. You can record your product demo or any other form of webinar days in advance and then edit out slips of tongues, dead pauses, and useless content. Once done, you will only be left with a more polished video. You can then use OneStream to broadcast this pre-recorded video as a live stream, and your audience will only see your best foot forward.

Get Team Members to Help and Organize Your Webinar

Webinars are more successful when there are multiple roles in the management. The best-case scenario is when the presenter and the organizer are different people. OneStream’s Team Management feature allows you to add up to four team members to organize your broadcast. It does not have to be you alone. Your team will be able to monitor your broadcasts, engage with the audience, solve issues, answer queries, and do much more.

Stream on Your Website

How cool would it be to have your website be one of the platforms for the live stream? Most websites cannot stream content live without massive overhauls. It is one less worry when you’re streaming through OneStream. OneStream allows you to embed your live stream onto your website through embed player. You can direct your audience directly to your website, which would significantly increase your traffic. Once your target audience is on your website, they will be able to browse your other products and services and use features such as pre-ordering or completing surveys.

Live Customer Support

Streaming directly on a social media platform like Facebook or Twitch can be problematic due to a lack of customer support. Since you can stream for free on these platforms directly, they do not have the resources to help you solve your problems live. Interestingly, OneStream allows presenters and organizers access instant customer support to deal with any issues that might pop up during a critical webinar. Successful webinars have to sail smoothly, without interruptions and technical faults. For that, you can count on the invaluable and instant support that OneStream provides.

Scheduling Your Webinars

Your target audience might be in a different time zone than you. This is when time differences matter the most – when you intend to live stream your webinar. For instance, you might want to give an online training session during your day, but it will be midnight on the other side of the globe. At the same time, you want your audience to be fresh and active. You want them to see your webinar at the start of their workday. What then? With OneStream, you can prerecord your webinar at a suitable time for you and then schedule that recording to go live at a time of your choice.  This makes it possible for you to enjoy a good night’s rest while others see you live at 10 AM on the other side of the world.

Concluding Thoughts

Several other factors can make or break your webinars, such as the presenter’s experience and webinar content quality. However, from a technological perspective, you need not worry about your webinars going live. You can trust OneStream to watch your back and give you limitless opportunities to succeed.

OneStream Live is a cloud-based solution to live stream across 40+ Social Media Platforms simultaneously. For queries and feedback, Live Chat with our team or write to us at [email protected]