Top 7 benefits of live streaming

Top 7 Benefits of Live Streaming

Live Streaming May 31, 2021

Live streaming hasn’t been around for too long, but it has quickly gained attention and traction. Thanks to the innumerable benefits of live streaming events, church services, gaming sessions, meetings, and conferences, there is a whole new world out there altogether. Be it high-profile influencers or business tycoons, live streaming is flipping the entire content production landscape and consumption patterns of the consumers.

Here are the top 7 benefits of live streaming:

#1 Reach Highly Targeted Niches

The most commonly cited benefit of live streaming is the augmented outreach to the potential audience. Interestingly enough, live streaming allows reaching out to highly targeted niches, primarily because viewing live streams calls for more commitment from the followers. They must tune in to your streaming destination on your streaming time, regardless of whether it is the best time for them or not. This then applies an automatic filter that keeps unrelated audiences away, and the targeted audience hooked to your streams. Moreover, there is no physical or geographical restriction on audience targeting. This means that attendance to your content can surpass any capacity limitations of a physical event; you can even reach out to a nomad living on the North Pole, provided he has an internet connection.

#2 Cost-Effectiveness

In comparison to professionally recorded videos and footages, live streaming is relatively less costly. It’s incredibly cheap! Better put, it’s free! You don’t need any special equipment, hardware, software, or streaming gear to go live. All it takes is a laptop with a camera and an active account on your desired streaming destination, such as Facebook. Can’t afford a laptop? A smartphone works equally well! Hence, live streaming is a cost-effective and highly accessible strategy for anyone anywhere. That said, it is also more time-efficient than other content strategies, such as writing a blog post or a comprehensive article.

#3 Real-Time Engagement

One of the primary reasons why live streaming has always made headlines in content marketing is its ability to offer real-time user engagement. The audiences can join in a direct conversation with their favorite brands or idealized influencers. When you’re reading a blog post, you’re reading a work of the past. But when you’re watching a live stream, you’re interacting with the streamer in real-time. Many business enterprises leverage live streams to offer interactive Q&A sessions, virtual office tours, and live customer support. Given that your content is exciting and engaging, your live video streams can whip up online interaction in no time.

#4 Revenue Opportunities

Interacting with potential clients opens up new revenue generation opportunities for businesses. The easiest of these is to charge subscriptions for viewing your streams. Don’t forget if your stream was a physical event, you would have charged both an admission fee for the physical attendees and another for online attendees. Or, you can charge Freemium; that is, instead of giving away your entire content for free, a freemium will allow viewers restricted access to your streams, who must have to pay to watch the entire stream. Similarly, churches, worship houses, and non-profit organizations can seek online donations during live events. Also, you can monetize your live streams through sponsorships and collaborations with advertising agencies and digital marketers.

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#5 Sales Conversions

In the end, it’s the dollars that matter the most. Live streams are proven to provide better sales conversion than any marketing tactic. eCommerce businesses are increasingly deploying live streaming to sell their products and services through integrated promotional offers on their live streams. The online video market is a billion-dollar opportunity:

· Use pre-event teasers and notifications to create a buzz of excitement

· Host events and product launches to showcase products and create awareness

· Offer ‘Buy Now’ discounts to bank impulsive buyers

· Organize competitions and live auctions to compete with the rivals

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#6 Brand Recognition and Awareness

Today, an average digital marketer is intrigued by the question, “Why is live streaming important for brands?” Here’s why:

· Authenticity – live video streams add a humanized and personalized element to your brand. The viewers enjoy a genuine experience, despite the stutters and stumbles, making the content more relatable and authentic.

· Interaction – interacting with their favourite brand in real-time makes Customer Relationship Management even more dynamic and productive. Facebook Live’s research suggests that users are 3 times more likely to watch and 10 times more likely to comment on a live video stream than a pre-recorded footage.

· Community building – the viewers can leave comments, share feedback, and establish a long-term relationship with your brand through live interaction. They can then develop a sense of community through the interplay, which then improves their overall experience.

· Transparency – when brands respond to viewers’ queries in real-time, they inevitably demonstrate their commitment to transparency. A live demo or a live tour can cement high levels of trust in the brand.

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#7 Ability to Repurpose Content

While this benefit is pretty generic to any content, live video broadcasts can be easily repurposed to meet desired objectives. Easily put, they can be easily transformed into other forms of content. Be it an infographic, a reproduced YouTube video – the opportunities are limitless:

· Create a highlight reel for easy access for new viewers

· Use stills for promotional content

· Make teasers for subsequent events

· Publish video transcript on your website, blog, or socials

Regardless of what you do with the video content, it has immense potential to multiply the outreach.

Why Use a Professional Live Streaming Service?

While there are several benefits of live streaming video content, there are a plethora of benefits of using a professional live streaming service for doing so. Setting up your live stream calls for technical skills and experience that an average business/individual lacks. Using a professional streaming platform, like OneStream Live, makes it easier for you to broadcast your videos to multiple social media and the web with just a few simple clicks.

What are the Benefits of Live Streaming with OneStream Live?

  1. Enjoy high-quality streams to deliver a wholesome streaming experience.
  2. Reach a greater audience by multistreaming to over 40 social networking platforms.
  3. Embed your streams on any external website using OneStream Live Embed Player.
  4. Configure & stream to your own Custom RTMP streaming destination using Server URL & Stream Key.
  5. Schedule pre-recorded videos in a playlist and schedule them to go live on your desired date and time and according to your preferred time zone.
  6. Upload videos from multiple cloud storage options, including OneDrive, Dropbox,, and many more.
  7. Take advantage of the flexibility to use various forms of video content and multimedia, including videos, pictures, text, etc.
  8. Live stream with ease and convenience without any software installation.
  9. Troubleshoot any technical problems with a knowledgeable 24/7 customer support team.
  10. Track analytics of your streams to assess the viewers’ behavior through essential metrics such as the number of viewers, engagement, etc.
  11. Enjoy seamless mobile streaming using OneStream Live mobile apps, available for both iOS and Android.
  12. Stay secured and enjoy reliable global delivery with OneStream Live’s powerful CDNs.
  13. Take benefit of integrating with external tools such as Zoom and OBS.
  14. Add captions and subtitles to your pre-recorded videos for better audience outreach.
  15. Manage your team members to collaborate and live stream more efficiently.

Let’s Go Live with OneStream Live!


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