Top 10 reasons to use OneStream Live

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use OneStream Live

Live Streaming Apr 29, 2022

The live streaming industry and its exponential growth promise a lot more than a mode of interaction. The catch lies in capitalizing upon the advantages of using a robust live streaming platform that is great for multistreaming.

Ericka Bates is a Virtual Summit Strategist at Talk Virtual. She’s a dedicated OneStream Live user and regularly live streams her interactive shows on varied topics, from content strategy to marketing, entrepreneurship, event planning, coordination, etc. Here are the top 10 reasons cited by Bates as to why she loves using OneStream Live:

Embed Player

OneStream Live’s Embed Player is the most talked-about feature in the live streaming industry. This feature essentially provides you with an embed code fused with valuable features to make live streaming on websites easy. With this feature, you can embed your live streams on any external website with just a few clicks.

How to Embed Live Streams on Website | OneStream Live
Embed live streams on your website to grab audience attention and enhance awareness.
Tips & Tricks for OneStream Live’s Embed Player
Live stream on a website using OneStream Live’s Embed Player features - custom background, restricted domains, personalized webpage, and more.

What’s even more interesting is that if you don’t have a website of your own, you can create one using Live Spaces. Live Spaces is an intuitive embed player feature offered by OneStream Live that allows you to create your own webpage with just a few clicks. It provides several in-built templates that can be customized according to your requirements. Live Spaces is fully loaded with incredible features that will give your videos all the attention they deserve:

  • Complete customization – fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc
  • Custom domain
  • No external hosting required
  • Clickable call-to-action
  • Social media linking
Live Stream on Your Personalized Webpage with Live Spaces
Create and customize your personalized webpage for live streaming using OneStream’s new embed player feature - Live Spaces.

Pre-Recorded Streaming

OneStream Live is the pioneer of pre-recorded streaming. “Go live without going live” was the catchline that fetched OneStream a five-star rating at several forums and platforms. Not only can you broadcast your pre-recorded live streams via your OneStream dashboard, but you can also schedule your pre-recorded videos to go live on your desired date and time and the preferred time zone – up to 60 days in advance. Better yet, you can create a playlist of pre-recorded videos, queue your live streams in the desired order, and schedule them to go live whenever you want to. You can also schedule an event announcement for these streams.

Pre-recorded streams are best for advertising.
How to live stream pre-recorded videos on social media
Live stream pre-recorded videos to 40 plus social media platforms simultaneously with OneStream Live.
Why live streaming is better for your business
Live Streaming is a new and popular trend in digital marketing and businesses are leveraging pre-recorded video streaming to grow exponentially.
Creating a Playlist for Pre-Recorded Streaming
Curate a playlist and live stream pre-recorded videos with OneStream Live. Offer continuous content to your audience with ease and convenience.

Team Management

Team Management is another intuitive feature offered by OneStream Live. This feature is extremely useful if you want someone else to schedule streams on your social accounts (e.g., Facebook Page, YouTube channel, etc.) but do not want to grant them admin rights on the social accounts. If you add someone to your team, you will be the team owner, and the person you added will be your team member. Your team member can then schedule streams on the social accounts you have given them access to.

Team Management
All about handling teams and members with OneStream

Fee Base Access for Third-Party Clients

The best part is you don’t have to pay anything extra to add team members from other third-party apps to your OneStream account. That is, your team members don’t necessarily have to be OneStream users.

The Mind-Blowing Compatibility of OneStream Live with Third-Party Apps
OneStream Live is compatible with all leading third-party apps - Ecamm, Be.Live, Zoom, Restream, Streamyard, Melon, OBS, Streamlab, Switcher Studio

Direct Integrations to Many Social Platforms & RTMP Streaming

OneStream Live is the only live streaming service that offers as many as 45 social media platforms for multistreaming. That said, many of these are directly integrated with OneStream Live, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Several others are available for live streaming through custom RTMP streaming. All you need is a Server URL, and a Stream Key, and you’re good to go. With OneStream Live, the sky’s the limit.

Guide to RTMP Streaming | OneStream Live
Broadcast video content across any streaming destination with OneStream Live using custom RTMP settings.

Broadcasting & Multistreaming

You can broadcast real-time live streams and multistream them to multiple channels hassle-free simultaneously. You don’t have to pick up your streams from the main broadcasting channel and plug them into other platforms. OneStream Live does that for you. Just select all the social media platforms you want your broadcast to multistream on, and you’re good to go.

Multi-streaming. How to Live Stream on Facebook and YouTube at the same time.
Multistream your real-time live streams to40+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously with OneStream Live.

Multistreaming using Zoom with Just a Few Clicks

Multistreaming is the hardcore feature at OneStream. The robust live streaming software allows you to multicast your real-time and pre-recorded live streams to more than 40 social media simultaneously. So, if you’re using Zoom, you can multistream to any other platform with just a click or two. It’s pretty easy and straightforward.

Multistream your Zoom Meetings & Webinars for Wider Outreach
Zoom has emerged as the go-to video meeting software that allows you to do a lot more than just hold live video meetings. Multistream your Zoom meetings and webinars to augment your audience outreach, beyond the limitations or space and time.

Excellent Customer Services

OneStream Live offers tremendous customer service. Each CSR is an expert on his task, and they walk you through the entire OneStream Live experience so smooth and hassle-free. Every time you have a question, they just don’t refer you to the helpdesk; they know the answer and guide you well. And that’s what sets them apart from other live streaming service providers.

Besides Helpdesk, OneStream also has a highly informative blog repository of the latest live streaming trends, tips and tricks, and tutorials. OneStream Blog is ranked amongst the Top 15 Live Streaming Blogs at Feedspot.

No Nickel & Dime-ing on Every Little Feature

OneStream Live offers several intuitive features inclusive of their subscription plans. The service provider doesn’t charge you for every little part. All the necessary features relevant to each subscription plan are built into the plan itself. However, you are free to choose add-ons as you like. This is perhaps the most commendable aspect of OneStream Live, while the competitors literally nickel and dime you on every single feature.

OneStream Pricing

They kept their word to Sumolings

“I bought OneStream Live through AppSumo; every time they have an update, I’m a part of that. Every time they have something new, I’m a part of that.” – Ericka Bates

That says enough about OneStream and its promises!


OneStream Live is one of the several alternatives available in the market, but the most robust and price-competitive. It is compatible with numerous third-party apps such as Zoom, Ecamm, Restream, Streamyard, Switcher Studio, and OBS. Magnify your live streaming experience with OneStream Live and enjoy soaring levels of audience engagement.

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