Secure your live streams with domain restriction

Secure your Live Streams with Domain Restriction

Live Streaming Aug 5, 2022

We have witnessed an increase in demand for video content in recent years. The preference for video content is not limited to entertainment purposes. According to statistics, consumers want to see more video content from their favorite brands or businesses.

Industry influencers and organizations are live streaming webinars, speeches, online courses, virtual workshops, conferences, event streaming for entertainment, and much more.

However, security threats such as copyright infringement, video encryption, and secure hosting prevent many businesses from live streaming their private events. Taking these security concerns into consideration, various products and features have been introduced by the streaming industry. These developments have empowered businesses and brands to live stream their private events seamlessly.


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  • What is Private Live Streaming?
  • What is Domain Restriction?
  • Benefits of Domain Restriction
  • Practical Use Cases
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👥 What is Private Live Streaming?

The public and private streaming are defined by the live streaming solution, where a private stream is intended for the internal purposes of the business. In contrast, a public event is for the entire public.

Getting as many viewers as possible to tune in to your broadcasts is usually a goal for most live streamers, but depending on the content you’re streaming, that’s not always the case. In private live streaming, the goal is to keep unwanted viewers out and provide access to authorized individuals only.

OneStream Live offers a Domain Restriction feature, allowing businesses and organizations to live stream their internal events without security concerns.

❓ What is Domain Restriction?

This security setting permits you to lock your embedded code to work on allowed domains only.  Domain Restriction prevents viewers from copying the embedded code to record or stream on their website.

The live stream will only be visible on the authorized web pages/domains.
How to restrict the OneStream Embed Player to Specific Domain?
Connecting OneStream channel and Enabling Live streaming

💡Benefits of Domain Restriction

Benefits of Domain Restriction

✔️ Secure

Domain restriction reduces the risk of security issues as it prevents others from sharing your content.
Without security and privacy concerns, you can live stream your corporate events, conferences, and seminars.

✔️ Copyrighted Content

It provides a layer of protection to your copyrighted content.

✔️ No Intellectual Property Concerns

You can shield your intellectual work behind the Domain restriction setting.

✔️ Complete Control Over Content

You get complete control over your live streams using Domain restriction, and it can secure a specific password-protected web page or your entire website.

💻  Practical Use Cases

There are several practical use cases for Domain Restriction. Several businesses and individuals incorporate the domain restriction security setting to live stream their intimate and internal events. Some of them are:

⭕ Corporate Sector

Internal corporate meetings help strengthen corporate culture and build relationships among employees. With Domain Restriction, Businesses and brands can live stream their internal events like team meetings, employee training, and town hall meetings seamlessly.  

⭕ Churches

Using live streaming solutions, churches can now share their services such as masses, sermons, and other religious services online. Churches broadcast their private events safely using the Domain Restriction security setting.

⭕ Educational Institutes

Academic organizations can live stream course-related content, orientation sessions, and graduation ceremonies. Domain restriction allows them to share guest lectures with only authorized students.

⭕ Intimate Events

It allows individuals to live stream exclusive content for a specific group of people or stream special events like weddings and birthdays without any privacy concerts.

⭕ Marketers

Marketers live stream private product reveal ceremonies and exclusive content for the intended audience.

⭕ Private Virtual Concerts

Music streamers and many other entertainment industries organize private virtual concerts and shows with complete security and control over their content.

who can use domain restriction

🔥Bonus Point

The world today is completely digital. Every organization and business is shifting to this new norm. It has allowed corporations and brands to communicate and connect with people easily through private live streaming on their personal pages or websites.

Acknowledging the need, OneStream Live has introduced Live Spaces, a feature that allows corporations and individuals to create a customized webpage and live stream their events on it. Live Spaces provide a means for businesses that do not have a platform to live stream internal or external events. You can create and customize the web page as per the need and host internal events on it by employing the domain restriction feature.

Live Stream on Your Personalized Webpage with Live Spaces
Create and customize your personalized webpage for live streaming using OneStream’s new embed player feature - Live Spaces.
How to restrict OneStream Embed Player to your personalized webpage?
Restricting Embed Player to your personalized webpage

Create a customized webpage and live stream your private events like a pro with OneStream Live's innovative Live Spaces!

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