Power up your gameplay with live streaming

Power up your Gameplay with Live Streaming

Live Streaming May 17, 2021

Live streaming is the buzzword of the global gaming arena. It has evolved as the most popular interactive platform that allows you to engage with your audience and increase your presence in the gaming industry. Gaming enthusiasts today seek paradise online with unique gaming content and exciting offers on it. This, in turn, has attracted many people towards social media gamer platforms, thanks to the high definition video content shared by gamers.

Interestingly enough, live game streaming is a gold mine for gamers, offering exciting revenue generation opportunities, provided you target the right niche market. Millions of people worldwide take a keen interest in watching gaming videos, just like watching HBO and Netflix. Here are the top four live streaming destinations for broadcasting your gaming content to enjoy maximum audience engagement.


Amazon’s Twitch is perhaps the most widely acclaimed social platform for live streamers to broadcast their game sessions. It is a vastly entertaining alternative to traditional streaming services such as Netflix. It specializes in broadcasting real-time gaming to a global audience, with a unique and easy-to-use interface and a high adoption rate. The streamers can enjoy a plethora of benefits streaming their play sessions on Twitch, such as the following:

  1. Free, with premium options
  2. Extremely easy set up with flexible user interface
  3. Available on multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile browser, and set-top box apps
  4. Allows streaming varied content
  5. Offers own software for broadcasting from PC
  6. Allows mobile broadcasting
  7. Offers free games and other bonus items for the subscribers
  8. Compatible with almost all popular video streaming utilities
  9. Easy to access video playlists

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is perhaps the most dominating live streaming platform, after Twitch, offering a user-friendly interface with a pleasing color scheme.  Its design is a combination of hit and miss but with an attractive layout. It allows sorting videos with a 4K resolution level and at a 60 fps frame rate. It also offers several transcoding facilities suitable for streamers. Moreover, because of its collaborations with Google AdSense, YouTube Gaming enables gamers to generate good revenues through live streaming. Hence, with a continually growing user base, YouTube Gaming is a lucrative live streaming platform for gamers, offering attractive features such as:

  1. Additional support from the mobile applications on iOS and Android
  2. Clean and easy-to-use layout
  3. High content quality

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has always been there. Remember the countless times a family member poked you to water their virtual crops, and friends begged you to spell words with them. Today, gaming has evolved to a new level with live streaming, allowing players to broadcast their games and watch others doing the same. As of December 2019, Facebook Gaming accounted for 8.5% of the online gaming market and continues to grow exponentially with a large captive audience. Anchored by an intuitive mobile broadcasting feature, Facebook Gaming is a refined repackaging of Facebook’s conventional gaming services, offering a convenient mobile broadcasting option. Other notable features of Facebook Gaming include:

  1. Pulls from the user’s existing Facebook interests
  2. Allows easy mobile broadcasting
  3. Allows playing Facebook games with friends and to stream cloud games
  4. Monetizable


If you’re a die-hard gamer aspiring to broadcast your live gaming sessions, then Trovo is another innovative streaming solution for you. Although relatively new, this streaming platform is slowly and steadily attempting to break the market currently dominated by Twitch and YouTube. Owned by the same company that owns PUBG and Riot Games, Trovo also features “recommended channels” and “featured streamers” on top. What sets Trovo apart from other streaming platforms is its focus on mobile gaming, with prominent showcasing of PUBG and CoD’s mobile versions. The interactive live streaming platform also offers the following unique features:

  1. Allows the users to watch and chat with one another across geographic boundaries
  2. Optimization available for different devices
  3. Allows mobile broadcasting

Power Up your Gaming Experience with OneStream Live

For all the gamers who always wanted to broadcast their play sessions to the world, OneStream Live is your go-to solution. OneStream Live offers a single touchpoint for multicasting your live gaming sessions over 40 plus social networking platforms through custom RTMP settings. It makes sharing a live feed much easier, facilitating the gamers to promote to a live audience without having to worry about the technical aspects.

So, what all gaming platforms are supported by OneStream Live?

  1. YouTube Gaming
  2. FB Gaming
  3. Twitch
  4. Trovo
  5. Nono Live
  6. Smashcast
  7. GoodGame.ru

Time to power up your gaming experience, stream with your gaming squad and enjoy a collaborative gaming experience with OneStream Live.
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