As a user, you are always looking for something new and something useful but you need to explore certain things prior to getting to something that could help you out. Often you are not in a capacity to explore such aspects of the service that you are using and miss out on some cool tips and tricks.

At Onestream Live, we are always focused on providing you with the best service and maximum access to you based on your subscription plans. So if you are looking for some really cool tips & tricks related to OneStream Live, then you are in for a special treat because we’re gonna take you through a few useful tricks. This could probably serve as a guide for you too so it seems as though you’re going to get two for one in this blog.

Let’s start then…

Reusing Old Streams

There are some confusions regarding the reuse of any old streams. I’m sure you are all familiar with the cloud services that we provide. The integration of cloud services allows you the option to reuse any previous streams. In this way, you can choose from any video you may have streamed in the past. You can use these storage services by choosing the subscription plan that allows you to save as many videos as possible. You can do this by just hovering over your account info on the top left corner of your homepage. This would lead you to the settings page and from there you could change your subscription type. It’s that simple!

Use Add-ons for more Perks

OneStream has basically three different subscription plans apart from a FREE plan that we offer but additional features can be bought as well i.e. Add-ons. These add-ons are quite effective if you are a frequent user. You can increase the amount of storage, extra stream slots, Extra Social Media account (if you are on Basic Plan)and many others. Using this option, you can expand your storage up to 500Gb. The cooler part about this is that it can save your time in uploading content on your OneStream Live account every time when you live stream. You can do that by just hovering over the subscriptions on the settings page. You need to have a basic plan at least to use these add-ons. How to apply Ad-on? Read Here.

Copy your Previous Title

Another cool feature that you can use to save your time is being able to copy a title from a previous stream. You often find it difficult to come up with a creative title that matches your previous stream or struggle to rewrite the title to a sequel of a previous stream. This can save you time and also relieves you of the brainstorming you need to put in. You can find options on the bottom right corners of the input bar for the stream title and description.

More character count on YouTube Streaming

While scheduling a stream you have a word limit of 1000 characters for the description. Since YouTube allows much more space for you to input your description, OneStream Live allows up to 5000 characters. To increase the word limit, from the left sidebar and choose a youtube channel and it would increase the character limit to 5000. Cool, isn’t it?

Manage Multiple Accounts in the App

Another awesome feature that you have in your OneStream Live service you shouldn’t miss, you can manage your Facebook accounts in the sidebar, the already logged in accounts are in the history of OneStream Live. This is where you can manage these accounts and thus multiple accounts can either be removed or managed accordingly. This is effective for you if you have a product selling business through the internet and multiple people from your team handle your OneStream Live account. You can limit access to certain accounts and this serves as a cool safety feature for you.

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Give the system more time to process your Stream

There are often times when you have to schedule a live stream and if you are scheduling it just under 10 minutes then you may face delays. This usually happens when you are streaming to multiple channels at a single time so the system usually takes certain precautionary measures to prevent any disruption during the live stream. It is best that you schedule your live stream 10 minutes prior to the streaming so that the system can easily complete the processing of your content.

Add a Logo to your Live Stream

OneStream Live provides you with is the ability to add a logo in the live streams. If you are afraid that someone might copy your content, you must use this feature. Use your logo to watermark your live streams and in this way, no one else can copy your content. You can use this feature in the thumbnail and logo setting right beneath the thumbnail of the live stream you are looking to broadcast. You can also hover your logo and place it anywhere on your thumbnail or your live stream.

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Alter Live Streaming Content

There are times when you are unable to come up with the video or content on time and you have a scheduled stream to go live in a few hours. This is where you need to act fast and change your video at least 30 minutes prior to the schedule of the stream, this way the system can easily process the changed video and can help prevent any issues related to negative feedback from the audience and server failures.

Schedule a playlist

Create a playlist for your pre-recorded streams and schedule them. Just click on the playlist and select all your uploaded videos. Don’t worry about the sequence. You can re-arrange them easily by just dragging them.

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New Version 6.0.3

OneStream Live account for live stream on website

OneStream Live released the Latest version 6.0.3. It has:

  1. OneStream Live introduced OneStream Social Account — You can your pre-recorded or real-time streams on your private channel or any website.
  2. Pro-Plan users can embed live streams on their own website or anywhere they wish and reach a wider audience seamlessly with ease.
  3. With the release of the latest version, users will not have to refresh the page to get the latest status of the stream.
  4. Upload the videos via Box Storage and along with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, pCloud and Zoom. and box storage integration and box storage integration 

Edit File Name before Scheduling

No matter what is the title of your video. Within your dashboard, while scheduling, you can edit the name for your stream. So don't worry if your uploaded file name is video-version-cut.mp4 😉

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add open captions to pre recorded live streams

OneStream allows you to add open captions to your pre-recorded live streams by using .srt files. This cool and new feature is a must have as it will expand your reach and grow your audience by ten folds. 💪 making your streaming experience much easier. Still not sure? Let us tell you what benefits open captions will serve. 😎

Here's how it is done:

How to add srt file to your video for captions?
Live streams with captions
More features are coming soon... 😎

Final Thoughts

We at OneStream Live, want you to use all the awesome features so you can get the ultimate live streaming experience by restreaming previous uploads from OneStream’s cloud storage or by creating a playlist. Use a watermark on your videos and save your videos from getting hacked. Get Ad-on and explore more hidden features of OneStream Live.

OneStream Live is a cloud-based solution to live stream across 40+ Social Media Platforms simultaneously. For queries and feedback, Live Chat with our team or write to us at [email protected]