Do you have a blog or a social media account? Do you have a group of friends who live stream and can benefit from an amazing live streaming service like OneStream Live?

Then OneStream Live’s Affiliate program is for You! Earn money 💰when people recommended by you subscribe to OneStream Live.

This blog will answer your queries regarding the OneStream Live Affiliate Program and set forth the benefits you will receive once you join our community. So let’s see what's in there for an affiliate at OneStream Live.


Whenever a plan is bought by a customer you referred, you will receive a 55% commission.

OneStream affiliate marketing program. earn commission


Recognizing your efforts for our service, we will ask for any suggestions for any future programs and features. You will be an important part of our team and will play a major role in generating valuable feedback.


Becoming an affiliate will allow you to provide up to 25% discounts to the new customers. Based on your performance you can offer new customers the discount they will definitely want to avail.

Simple Enrollment

Becoming an affiliate does not call for any strict requirements. Instead, you just need to be involved in marketing in one way or the other. Anyone can become an affiliate and benefit by promoting OneStream Live.

How to Enroll

The enrollment process is fairly simple and straightforward. All you need to do is:

  1. Signup as an affiliate.
  2. You will get a referral link once you become an affiliate that you can share with others.
    (referral link should look like
  3. Finally, once customers buy a plan from OneStream Live, you will start earning money.
  4. Whenever any person subscribes to any paid plan using your link, you will get 55% commission i.e. 55% of the first sale every month or year.
  5. Payments will be sent monthly into your Paypal account. You can check the balance of your affiliate account in real-time by logging to your affiliate dashboard.
  6. If a customer has purchased a plan using your affiliate link you will be paid after at least 30 days, at the beginning of the month. For example, a customer purchases OneStream plan on 10th June. Your commission for this purchase will be paid on 1st August. However, if the customer withdraws from the plan and is refunded, you will not earn any commission.


Earn 55% commission for every purchase. You can also recruit sub-affiliates and earn 10% additional commission on their sales. If you want to start your affiliate marketing journey, this is really what you need to kickstart!

Exclusive offers will be sent for you once you join the community of affiliates and the more you improve, the more benefits you’ll get.

OneStream Live is a cloud-based solution to live stream across 40+ Social Media Platforms simultaneously. For queries and feedback, Live Chat with our team or write to us at [email protected]