Over the past few months, live streaming has grown tremendously popular all over the world especially in the USA by 15%. This is because of the policy of social distancing. In the essence of this whole campaign, the restaurants have closed everywhere, that have stopped in-person contacts. Events got cancelled left and right, freezing recreational activities, music events, concerts cancelling, churches closing and cancellation of congregational prayers. Sports events called off in the face of current Covid-19 pandemic, forcing people to stay at home.

This shifts the focus towards social media for engaging the consumers and keep them attracted to their brands. Many event-management businesses are going online with their content for live streaming. Major streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+, are reaping benefits whereas, there are a lot of other businesses such as restaurants, malls and general entertainment theaters which are currently at loss.

Now is the best time to invest in live streaming. Even though social distancing is essential, that does not mean that life must stop. Social media has expanded exponentially in the past decade and it is currently the best alternative to engage the audience. Live broadcasting can turn into an even more important and dominant means to provide content to the consumer. Going live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms are taking place in the live streaming world. While there are many pros of live streaming, there are some cons which should not be ignored and can negatively affect the reputation of the organization or the individual.

  1. Streamers realize that live streaming an event requires a lot of time, hard work, durable resources and substantial planning. Any of them missing, or small problems like buffering, video quality during the broadcast, sound quality falls, it leaves an impact of the streamer’s reputation and can lose the audience.
  2. Live streaming on more than one channel simultaneously requires powerful tools.
  3. Proper setup needs to be developed that does not account for any mishaps or slips during the livestream or it will turn into an embarrassment.

What’s the Alternative?

Staying connected is more important than ever before. Live streaming the pre-recorded videos enabled small businesses and users who use social media for driving traffic to their contents and products and to reach more viewers.

Enters OneStream Live!

OneStream Live enables you to live stream across 40+ social media channels simultaneously. With powerful scheduling & multi-platform selection features, it is designed to cater to business requirements involved in marketing and live streaming. With its high-end user-friendly interface, it allows most users to access it with ease.

Predictive scheduling is very important for the businesses and especially in live streaming, it can save efforts and time the pre-recorded videos for live streaming up to 60 days in advance allows the predictive scheduling to the users. With different download options and cloud storage integration, OneStream Live made the streaming easy and affordable.

Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos Across Social Media

Final Thoughts

Live streaming pre-recorded videos is one level up in the world of live streaming. It saves a lot of effort and prevents glitches and bloopers while going live. For the growth of small or big businesses, live streaming in today’s era is playing a huge role. Connect with your audience and provide yourself with the best possible alternative. Live streaming already made its impact in the digital media world and it is growing. OneStream Live helps you save time and energy in setting up your live streams by making live stream creation a piece of cake. You can create compelling video content and schedule it to go live without having to worry about anything going wrong at the time of actual broadcast. Live streaming with OneStream is simply efficient and smooth.

OneStream Live is a cloud-based solution to live stream across 40+ Social Media Platforms simultaneously. For queries and feedback, Live Chat with our team or write to us at [email protected]