Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio

How to Use Snap Filters with OneStream Studio

OneStream Studio Sep 13, 2022

Staying fun and entertaining is vital to keeping your audience engaged during live streams. Snap Camera filters are a perfect tool to excite the viewers, boost brand affection and increase engagement during live streams. Snapchat Camera is stuffed with mind-blowing and incredible filters and animations. Snap camera filters make your live streams more enjoyable and entertaining. This can be used with OneStream Studio to bring the magic of snap lenses to live streams and share the moments with the audience in a fun way!

In this Blog:

  • What is Snap Camera?
  • Benefits of using Snap Camera Filter for Live Streaming
  • Setting up Snap Camera Application
  • Using Snap Camera filter with OneStream Live Studio
  • Final Thoughts

📸 What is Snap Camera?

Snap Camera is a free desktop application that brings the magic of lenses to your Mac or PC webcam. It allows you to use your favorite Snapchat lenses on your desktop PC or laptop while streaming, capturing video content, or even during your Google Hangouts or Zoom video calls.

Although a technical marvel, the snap camera idea is quite straightforward, especially if you are familiar with filters and animations.

🎖️ Benefits of using Snap Camera Filter for Live Streaming

Snap Camera allows you to apply filters and backdrops while using your computer's webcam and make your live streams more entertaining. Let's discuss the benefits of using Snap Camera Filters for live streaming.

✳️ Add an Aspect of Entertainment

Indeed live streams are interesting and may be among the most important tools in your marketing arsenal. However, if the stream is executed in a boring fashion, it may be tedious and draining for both the streamer and the audience. A fun touch that can help make your broadcast memorable can be added using a Snap Camera filter.

✳️ Add a Touch of Professionalism

Snap Camera contains a variety of filters that can add professionalism to your live streams. Some lenses are simple, natural, and sufficient to alter your look delicately. For a professional live stream, use more natural and smooth skin filters to enhance your look and appear attractive during live streams.

✳️ Add a Background

You may not have a studio setup for live streaming. Or you may be using remote production for your content. Streamers invest in a live production studio with eye-catching backgrounds that appeal to the general public. Live broadcasters are under pressure to have attractive, well-kept backgrounds. You can give your broadcasts a little gloss using Snap Camera filters without spending much on a setup or backgrounds.

✳️ Enhance the Quality of Live Video Production

With so many people now live streaming, it might be challenging to stand out and elevate your live content. Snap Camera filters improve the caliber of your live production, get you recognized, and help you draw in more viewers - even if they only watch to check out the lenses or filters - even if it is by no means a need for live broadcasts.

✳️ Boost Audience Engagement

Due to high competition in the streaming world, streamers require more engaging techniques to engage their audience better. Snap Camera gives you access to a ton of filters that helps the broadcaster to engage the audience and boost the audience reach. Whether you want to look cool, add fun to your live videos, or change the backdrop – play around with different filters and favorite the ones that fulfill your purpose and add value to your live content.


🤳 Setting up Snap Camera Application

It is a very easy task to set up the Snap Camera on your computer or laptop.

📌 Step 1: Download and Install

Download Snap Camera from for Windows or Mac, as per your requirements. Then, Install the app after accepting the conditions.

📌 Step 2: Launch the App

Launch the Snap Camera app, then select "Next."

Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio

After reading the instructions, open the app by clicking "Finish."

Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio

📌 Step 3: Browse Filters

Once the app is open, various Snap Camera filters are displayed alongside your camera feed. Browse through the available filters and see what works for you the best.

Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio
💡 Bonus Tip: You can search for a particular lens using the search bar "Search Lenses". From within Snap Camera, you can set hotkeys to trigger some filters so you can toggle them on demand! To assign hotkeys, simply go to the "Settings" page.
Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio

🚀 Using Snap Camera Filter with OneStream Studio

Snap Camera can be set up before creating a broadcast and during a live session using OneStream Studio.

💥 Setting up Snap Camera before creating a broadcast

1. Log in to OneStream Studio and click Settings.

Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio

2. Click on the dropdown arrow below the camera and select Snap Camera from the menu.

Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio

💥 Setting up Snap Camera After Creating a Broadcast

  1. After creating a broadcast, camera settings can be changed from the control panel at the bottom or from the left sidebar by clicking on the small arrow next to the Camera.
Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio

2.  Click on the Video Input dropdown and select Snap Camera to add the filter.

Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio

3. The snap camera will be added to your live stream

Using Snap Camera with OneStream Studio
💡 Pro Tip: You can also change your Snap Camera filters during live streams. Just go to Snap Camera and change the filter, and it will reflect on your broadcast within OneStream Live Studio
How to use Snap Cam with OneStream Live Studio?
Snap Camera allows you to apply filters and backdrop while using your computer’s webcam and make your live stream more entertaining.

🎯 Final Thoughts

The present state of live streaming makes it evident that you must produce compelling and engaging live streams to attract viewers. Try out several Snap Camera filters and lenses to boost your live stream branding and expand your audience reach. Play around with different filters and favorite the ones that serve your needs and improve the quality of your live streams, whether you want to alter the backdrop, seem stylish, or add humor to your videos.

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