Live stream Islamic services using OneStream Live

How to Live Stream Islamic Services this Ramadan Using OneStream Live

Live Streaming Trends Apr 15, 2022

As we embrace the digital world as the new normal, all the religious services also embrace live streaming in an attempt to adapt to the virtual world. Muslim religious activities have also turned to the online media, counting on the success of many other live streaming services. Today, Islamic organizations are investing in digital infrastructure to support different religious activities, from broadcasting daily prayers to delivering Islamic lectures, discussing concerns of the Muslim community, and live streaming Tarawih prayers during Ramadan.

In this blog:

  • Why live stream Islamic services?
  • Why use OneStream Live?
  • Content Ideas for live streaming Islamic services
  • Important Islamic live streaming resources

🕌Why Live Stream Islamic Services?

Live streaming offers the opportunity to reach more people exponentially, beyond the limitations of physical space and time. It allows catering to the marginalized community members, who might be deterred from attending the prayer and other services in person for several reasons – unavailability of a mode of commuting, physical disability, sickness, remote location, and so forth. At the same time, it gives people different means to engage with the learned scholars and stay updated with the teachings of Islam. The Islamic scholars can interact with the audience in real-time, answering their queries and concerns and strengthening their knowledge base. Moreover, since the younger community is more inclined toward digital media, making Islamic services available online through social media and the web is just the right thing to do.


Why Use OneStream Live?

OneStream Live is a robust live streaming solution that allows you to broadcast your Islamic services with exceptional ease and professionalism. It works equally well on the browser and the mobile app, making it extremely easy to live stream your Islamic services. Moreover, you can live stream pre-recorded videos, go live in real-time via any third-party app like Zoom, OBS, XSplit, Ecamm, etc, or go live instantly from the browser with OneStream Studio on multiple social media and websites simultaneously. So, for instance, you can multistream the Friday prayers on a Facebook Group, YouTube or Twitter channels, LinkedIn page, and 40 other social networking platforms and the web all at once. You can add customized background, overlays, tickers, and countdown timers into your live streams as per the event and give it a festive or religious touch. You can also add guests to your live streams to go live with you and so much more.

What is even more appealing is that you can embed these live streams on your Islamic organization’s website to cater to a vast audience, regardless of their location. There is no need for complicated sign-ups or software installations; it is all just a click away.

How to Embed Live Streams on Website | OneStream Live
Embed live streams on your website to grab audience attention and enhance awareness.

You can further extend your audience by creating a stand-alone customized webpage for live streaming using Live Spaces. For instance, if your local mosque does not have a website but wants to stream its Tarawih prayers during Ramadan, you can create a personalized live streaming webpage for the mosque.

Live Stream on Your Personalized Webpage with Live Spaces
Create and customize your personalized webpage for live streaming using OneStream’s new embed player feature - Live Spaces.

You may also opt to schedule pre-recorded Islamic lectures for a constant bonding with the communities of faith, adding captions/subtitles for better understanding for those who might be linguistically different. This will particularly augment the reach of the lectures.

Tips to schedule videos for greater reach
Increase your live video streams’ outreach and grow your audience by scheduling videos across social media and the web via OneStream Live.
How to Make an SRT File via OneStream Live
Enrich and enhance your video content by adding subtitles. Learn how to create SRT files via OneStream Live.

🕋Content Ideas for Live Streaming Islamic Services

Live stream Islamic lectures and services using OneStream Live

📿Daily Prayers

Muslims offer Salah(prayers) five times a day, but not all of them go to the mosque to do so. For those at home, such as the housewives, the young and the elderly, and the physically disabled, a live broadcast of the Jammat (congregation) can help them pray along with the community while not being physically present at the mosque.

🤲Congregational Prayers

Congregational prayers such as the Jummah (Friday prayer) and Eid prayers can be broadcast live to maximize the number of people who can pray together. The Khutbah(sermons) that precede these congregational prayers hold a unique value for the Muslim community, and people travel from far-off to attend these sermons in person. With live streaming, they will be able to participate in the special prayers with convenience at their homes.

🌙Dars, Daura-e-Quran and Daura-e-Tafseer

These are Islamic lectures that revolve around understanding the teachings of the Quran, the Holy Book of Muslims. They involve going through the Quran, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, through detailed translations and interpretations. The Muslim Ullemah (Islamic scholars) discuss the wisdom behind each of the Quranic chapters, the Holy commandments, and how they apply to the everyday lives of the Muslims. Live streaming of these services can significantly facilitate the strengthening of the Islamic community and sharing of knowledge amongst the masses.

🧕Islamic Courses

Islamic academies can leverage live streaming to offer virtual courses for those who live abroad or cannot physically attend classes at an Islamic institute. Just like a contemporary learning environment, Islamic scholars can deliver lectures both in real-time and through video recordings. Many others can volunteer to preach to others the virtues and ethics of Islam and gain the reward of Allah. The Muslims can learn Quran recitation with Tajweed (accurate pronunciation), memorize short Duas (supplications), and engage in other forms of learning through live streaming of these Islamic courses.


🪔Muslim Ummah Issues

It is a regular activity to discuss the prevalent issues concerning the Muslim community in Friday prayers and other congregational services. Islamic scholars host live telephonic and television programs, especially during Ramadan, to cater to any queries and concerns that people might want to discuss. These sessions can be taken to social media via live streaming to cater to a larger audience and embedded on various Islamic websites to facilitate the average Muslim believer. With OneStream Live, pre-recorded sessions can also be live streamed as regular transmissions to allow maximum viewership. More importantly, a playlist can be curated for the most commonly watched live streams and scheduled to go live at regular broadcasting times.

Creating a Playlist for Pre-Recorded Streaming
Curate a playlist and live stream pre-recorded videos with OneStream Live. Offer continuous content to your audience with ease and convenience.

⛺Important Islamic Live Streaming Resources

🌛 – an online streaming platform hosting 240 mosques and scholars around South Africa and the world.

🌛IslamiCity – the largest online Islamic community, live streaming daily prayers and Tarawih prayers from Mecca and Madinah and delivering other live lectures and services.

🌛 – Live streaming of daily prayers, Tarawih, Friday prayers, and Eid prayers direct from Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

🌛Zaynab Academy – a classical Islamic learning academy especially for women, offering live lectures and online courses for various categories.

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