How to integrate with OneStream

How to Integrate with OneStream Live

OneStream Live Updates Mar 29, 2021

With the latest version released, OneStream Live now has another cloud storage option for its users to support a more effortless and seamless live streaming experience. The users need not worry about the full storage of their Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.  With as an integral cloud-based storage option, the users can now upload videos from their storage directly to their OneStream Dashboard and enjoy a robust streaming experience.


Here’s how:

  1. In the OneStream dashboard, click Create Event and select Recorded Stream.

2.  Select from the cloud storage platforms available.

3.  Sign in to your account and Select your file.

4.  Click Choose File.

Your file will be fetched directly from storage.

While your import is in progress, you can fill out the necessary fields like title, description, etc.
Pro Tip: 😇 You can edit your file name before scheduling the video.

Alternatively, under OneStream Storage:

  1. Click on Videos.
  2. Click on My Uploads.
  3. Select from the cloud storage options.
  4. Select your file and click Choose.

OneStream Live is committed to enhancing the overall live streaming experience of its users. Integrating into its platform is just another milestone in the quest to stay ahead of the competitive game. Stay tuned for more!


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