What can you do to engage the viewer throughout the live stream?

How to make live streaming attractive?

A live streaming activity not limited to checking for camera and mic. However, these are the things that need to be taken care of before any live stream to avoid mistakes.

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To gain the most out of the live stream, you need to have a proper approach that can help you in gaining the most engagements. This can be accomplished by exploiting many options relevant to making the live stream worthwhile for the audience.

If you fail to engage with the audience effectively, it is pretty obvious that they will turn to either a new Instagram notification or a messenger pop-up. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

The crux of high user engagement on live streams is based on the consistency of social media and audience retention by bringing exciting content and constant follow-ups! To market your brand/increase engagement or build your audience it remains imperative to understand the expectations of your target audience, what they might want from you keeping in view the touch points that you might include in the content of your live stream that might elicit the response. Then make a rough draft of your video content. Make sure to give your followers something unique to relate to you, make it your personalized style like you can take small pauses where you might want the users to respond.

To gain the most out of the live streaming services, you must engage the maximum audience. As much as it is important to use the option of live streaming on social media channels, it is equally important that you exploit the plethora of ways to gain the most out of the live stream through engagements. This guide is sure to help you out.

Let’s get started then!

Schedule the Stream:

One of the most convenient ways is to utilize scheduling tools that can allow scheduling your content without the hassle of going live separately on each social platform in the era where most of us are racing against time.

  1. Promote your upcoming stream on social platforms via posts and don’t be shy about encouraging engagement during the broadcast.
  2. Once you are LIVE, proactively engage with your audience and acknowledge them!
  3. Pre-recorded videos can help you schedule the stream and allow you to fully engage with your audience in the comment sections.
  4. Onestream Live will serve the purpose because it is designed to provide uninterrupted live streaming solution across social media.

Add Value to the Live Stream:

Sounds quite vague? What do we mean by adding value to the live stream?

It means that ‘developing curiosity amongst the audience’. Curiosity can convert something boring into something very interactive and exciting.

A survey by Adweek shows that the average range of top videos on YouTube is 2 minutes and 54 seconds while the average range on the rest of the internet is 2 minutes and 7 seconds. Meanwhile, Live Streams are often quite long and it is on average ranging from 30 minutes to an hour.

Keeping the audience attentive can be tricky in such a long session. Here are a few pro tips:

  1. Provide them with something that you can develop their curiosity around. e.g. announce a guest star
  2. Invite a celebrity and interview them to add authenticity to your channel.
  3. Announce a special discount for viewers but announce in the latter part of the stream.
  4. Tell them about your future plan for live streams.
  5. Give information not so related to the live stream. Trust us, it would do no harm.

The most effective method is to keep the audience in suspicion about what is in store for them in the latter part of the live stream.

Be Prepared:

One important thing is to make sure that you are ready for anything. You need to be prepared to face some awkward questions.

  1. Have a rough draft so you don’t miss out on anything you planned for earlier.
  2. Joke around, take suggestion openly but don’t ignore your viewers’ feedback. It is always valuable.
  3. Viewers can make a demand, ask you to sing or dance or show any of your talents. Do that! Your viewers are your admirers.
  4. Never forget your goal. The goal shouldn’t be just to market/push the product, brand, service but it must focus on building a valuable relationship with your audience.

Prioritize Audience:

Ending live stream with the call for action, verbally! You may not have an actual call for action button at the end of the scheduled stream but you can always prioritize your audience and engage with them in your personalized way.

  1. Respond to the audience in a way that allows the audience to relate to you and your brand, value the post-broadcast feedback and openly ask for suggestions.
  2. Know what your audience is interested in. What the expect from you. Know the demographics, their behavior and responses to the content of the stream.

Set the Theme:

Seasonal themes for your live stream give a relatable feel to the audience. Know your audiences, engage them regularly, and set the theme of live stream accordingly make your content inclusive as it’s for everyone and anyone can tune in to watch! Some engaging lines can be:

  1. Share yellow hearts if you think it’s a cool idea for autumn!
  2. Holiday theme will make the stream attractive.
  3. Click wow if you like to see more stuff like that.
  4. Let me know in the comments what season should I pick next by sharing hearts and I will guess and pick the next season on your votes!

These would help you in keeping the audience attentive because aesthetics are something that strikes a lot of interest at times.

Provide Short Recaps:

As mentioned earlier, live streams tend to be quite lengthy and it keeps getting difficult to keep the audience engaged.

  1. If you are running a lengthy live stream, then what you could do is to take short breaks after 10–15 minutes for a quick recap. For example, during a Church ceremony, if someone joined late it can keep them interested in the stream.
  2. A light question-answer session in the middle of the stream will do an automatic recap.
  3. Take questions, never feel interrupted.

This would allow the audience to stay in touch with the topic being discussed and can keep a track of things during the live stream.

Ask Opinions:

The best way to engage an audience is through interacting with them properly rather than clinging to your discussion.

Oftentimes, a watcher gets bored of the continuous discussion or talk by you and this would then lead to him shifting to something else popping up on his screen.

An effective method to engage the audience for opinions is

  1. Ask them to use a certain hashtag. You can set up a personal hashtag and this can help in marketing your stream as well as inviting other people to the stream as well.
  2. You can ask the audience some engaging suggestions like Let me know what topics, issues, latest trends, sort of music, etc. you want me to cover in the future live streams, I’ll go through them at the end of the stream.
  3. Make comments on hot topics in News or on Social Media. Give your opinion and ask people’s opinions.
  4. Share your experiences and ask for suggestions.

Practiced by a lot of celebrities these days, this method can get a two for one deal for you!

Keep it Fun:

There are numerous ways you can make your live stream a fun and interactive session for the users. A useful method is to keep the audience entertained with light jokes or simple puns that could break a smile easily.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be a comedy show, but it needs to have something to keep the audience excited.

  1. Introduce a challenge during the live stream. For example, if you are running a stream on Facebook or Twitter about your product then you could ask the users to use a specific hashtag to post about the product as much as they can.
  2. Show behind the scenes of live streaming set up.
  3. Show bloopers if you are doing pre-recorded live streaming.
  4. Dedicate a time for giveaways to the users
  5. Give your viewers a deal or promotional code if they promote your streaming channel.
  6. Introduce the tools you use. The service you use for live streaming. Let people know how you created smooth live streaming.

So at the end of the day, you just need to have proper perseverance about your topic during the live stream and what your main objective is. Making a stream as engaging as possible can be difficult but with a few steps that you need to keep in mind, it’s likely that you’ll end up finding success in audience engagement. By adding value to your content you can not only make your live streaming fun for yourself and your viewers but can also increase engagement and viewership. To conduct a successful live stream you can use a powerful streaming tool like OneStream.Live to assist you in smooth live streaming without worrying about internet bandwidth.

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