Live streaming pre-recorded videos

Why Live Streaming with Pre-Recorded Videos is Better for Businesses?

Pre-recorded Streaming Jan 14, 2022

Live streams have become the most valuable phenomenon in the global business landscape. Live streaming has witnessed a significant boom as the new normal shifted away from in-person events towards virtual events in lieu of the coronavirus pandemic. Marketers today are leveraging live streaming as an integral component of their video marketing strategies and for all the good reasons. Interestingly, while many marketers are in awe of real-time streaming, others vouch for pre-recorded video streaming.

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube have invested huge sums of money enhancing their live-streaming platforms. Brands, social media celebrities and influencers, media outlets, and business enterprises are increasingly leveraging live video benefits to interact with consumers, increase their market presence and grab as bigger a chunk as possible of the live streaming market. Internet audiences are viewing more live content than ever before. Every market research done in the recent past indicates substantial growth in the live streaming market over the next foreseeable future.

Live streaming pre-recorded videos
2022 Live Streaming Trends
In 2022, we anticipate seeing live streaming outgrow the conventional application domains to become an overarching phenomenon for all walks of life.

📺What is Pre-Recorded Live Streaming?

A pre-recorded video is a previously recorded video that the viewers can watch but cannot engage with it in real-time. It is not interactive; however, the viewers can react to the video if they like. Pre-recorded video streaming is the broadcasting of previously recorded videos as live streams. You record a video, edit it for high-end production-like quality, and broadcast it as a live stream via OneStream Live.

🧑‍💻Why Should Businesses Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos?

👉Fool-Proof Streaming Experience

There is a catch to live streaming; you’ve got to be mindful of potential mishaps that you might stumble across during real-time video streaming. Interestingly, with pre-recorded video streaming, you’ve one worry. You can create video content beforehand, edit it to your liking and audience’s preferences and schedule it to go live at a predefined time. No technical glitches, slipups, or fumbling; a smooth streaming experience.


👉Go Live Without Being Live

With pre-recorded streaming, you do not even have to be present when the video is live – you can go live without being live. This means you can schedule your pre-recorded videos at important events such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year without having to disturb your schedule or compromising on your holiday schedules. Moreover, you can create a playlist of pre-recorded videos to run as a continuous live feed.

How to Create a Streaming Playlist?
Creating a Pre-recorded Video Playlist

👉High-Quality Streaming Experience

Streaming with pre-recorded videos has the most noticeable advantage of high-quality streaming. Even with a high-speed internet connection viewing live streams might now always be a smooth experience, and there can always be unwanted glitches, screen pauses, and sound issues. With pre-recorded video streaming, the video is more stable, and the send rate can be controlled via streaming software, leading to a smoother, cleaner experience for the viewers. This means pre-recorded streaming gives you complete control over your live streams.

👉Focus Attention on Audience Engagement

With pre-recorded videos, you reap all the advantages of live streaming without being stressed about producing good quality live content. Instead, you can focus all your attention on interacting with your viewers during the live stream session. This will, in turn, lead to a significant increase in engagement with recorded videos, increase brand/channel loyalty among viewers, and overall higher growth of your streaming content.

👉Complete Control

Pre-recorded streaming gives you complete control over your live streams. You don’t have to be ready and online with your cameras. Instead, you can schedule your videos whenever you want your content to be published. Not only that, but you can also reschedule your previously broadcasted videos from your OneStream storage.

How Can I Edit a Scheduled Playlist?
Editing a Scheduled Playlist

👉Brand’s Own Social Media TV

Think about your favorite weekly TV show. Is it live? It appears to be live, but it is pre-recorded (most of the time). You cannot rewind (or forward) it, you cannot skip advertisements, but the episode was recorded earlier. This is precisely what live streaming of pre-recorded video can do. It is just a live video with everything happening right in the moment for viewers.

👉Corporate Storytelling

Pre-recorded videos are an excellent visual aid for corporate storytelling. While real-time live streams primarily focus on the speakers, you can experiment with storytelling with pre-recorded video streaming, create a corporate mood for the video, and change scenes to add viewer interest. You can promote your corporate ethos, promote a brand personality, and leverage pre-recorded video streaming as a strategic maneuver to strengthen your brand value.

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🚀How to Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos via OneStream Live

There are two ways to upload a video file to OneStream for pre-recorded streaming:

1️⃣Upload multiple videos at the same time directly from your computer or mobile device (Video size limit: 5GB).

2️⃣Using video directly from cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, S3 Storage, PCloud, Webex Cloud Recordings, Zoom Cloud Recordings, Storage, or Box Storage (No video size limit).

How to Upload and Schedule a Video for Pre-Recorded Streaming?
Ways to upload a video file

💌Why Live Stream Pre-recorded videos with OneStream Live:

📣Create a Playlist of multiple videos for live streaming using Playlist Feature.

📣Add subtitles to live streams using SRT files.

📣Apply a thumbnail and a logo to your live streams.

📣Schedule the video ahead of time and announce it with the event announcement feature.


🪐Wrap Up

Using Pre-recorded videos for live streaming is not a very new concept. Depending on your use case, it might be good to let your viewers know that the video was recorded earlier. Otherwise, just let your pre-recorded video stream as ‘live’ and sit back and enjoy your content making headlines. Leveraging OneStream Live, you can create a playlist of your pre-recorded videos and schedule them (up to 60 days in advance) to broadcast live on your desired date and time. You can also go live in real-time via any third-party app or go live from the browser using OneStream Studio.

Grow your businesses with pre-recorded video streaming via OneStream Live.

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