Although LinkedIn was a little late to enter the video content market, videos are reported as the fastest-growing format on the platform today. The professional social networking site has over 750 million members dispersed across 200 different countries. But with such a crowded social landscape, people often find it challenging to get their message across. What’s the solution, then?

LinkedIn Live!

With impressive stats, LinkedIn is a force to reckon with:

  • LinkedIn live streams fetch 24 times more comments than native video broadcasts.
  • LinkedIn live streams get 7 times more reactions than native video broadcasts.
  • 73%of the B2B marketers identify LinkedIn live streams positively impact marketing ROI.

In This Blog:

  • Why live stream on LinkedIn
  • Recommended specifications for LinkedIn Live
  • How to stream on LinkedIn Live
  • Best practices for streaming on LinkedIn Live

Why Live Stream on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social platform that connects businesses to businesses and businesses to consumers. Hence, live streaming on LinkedIn can particularly empower enterprises and individuals to experiment with long-form content, such as event streaming, live Q&A sessions, interviews, and a lot more. This unleashes potential opportunities to build their brand and strike a dialogue with their audience in real-time.

That said, owing to its professional nature, LinkedIn has a significant advantage over other social media platforms in terms of trustworthiness. People perceive LinkedIn content to be far more authentic and trustworthy than that posted on other media. Hence, for businesses and individuals seeking to build trust with their audience, LinkedIn live streaming is a ripe choice.

Moreover, LinkedIn live streaming allows the businesses to portray their unfiltered version, projecting the brand as bold, authentic, and a risk-taker. They can also promote the desired brand personality and cultivate trust with the people they connect with.

  • Length: 4 hours max
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Square and portrait videos not allowed at the moment)
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Key Frame: Every 2 seconds (60 frames)
  • Bitrate (video): 6mbps
  • Bitrate (audio): 128kbps and 48khz sample rate
  • Encoding: H264 video, AAC audio
  • Protocol: RTMP or RTMPS

How to Stream on LinkedIn Live

Getting started on LinkedIn Live is fairly simple:

1. Apply for LinkedIn Live Access

Live streaming on LinkedIn isn’t an option available to everyone. You need to apply for access. For this, you either have to fill out LinkedIn live streaming application form if you want to live stream as a LinkedIn member, or you need to arrange it with your LinkedIn Marketing Solutions rep if you want to stream as a page.

2. Choose a Third-Party Live Streaming Tool

For live streaming on LinkedIn, you’ll need a professional streaming platform. While there are several alternatives available in the market, OneStream Live is a prime choice, given the unique features and easy-to-use interface.

3. Integrate your LinkedIn Account with the Tool

Once you’ve chosen the right streaming tool, next integrate it with your LinkedIn account and set it up on your device.

4. Go Live

That’s it! You’re ready to go live! To know how to optimize your live streams, read our expert Guide for Live Streaming.

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Best Practices for Streaming on LinkedIn Live

Stream for Longer than 10 Minutes

LinkedIn live video streams that are shorter than 10-15 minutes fail to gain traction on LinkedIn. So, consider LinkedIn as a prime opportunity to experiment with longer-duration content. People generally take a few minutes to tune in and settle down while absorbing your content. So, go long.

Keep it Professional

As professional as the platform itself, keep your streams professional too. Make sure your content resonates well with context because viewers have higher expectations in mind when it comes to LinkedIn. Also, don’t sound pushy when you’re promoting your product or service. Your ultimate objective should be to establish a sound dialogue and deliver value to your audience.

Promote Your Broadcasts in Advance

Of course, you want the maximum number of people to join you when you’re live. The catch is in promoting your broadcast well in advance and giving your audience a heads up. So, before you go live on LinkedIn, make sure you create an intense hype about it. Publicize it so well that people know what you're going to talk about and when they need to tune in. And once you’re live, make sure you actively engage with them. Use your website to announce your subsequent live broadcasts. Put up posts on social media. Send out email newsletters. Encash all the possible routes to create hype about your streams before broadcasting.

Use Hashtags

Don’t forget to add hashtags to increase your stream’s discoverability on LinkedIn. Using descriptive hashtags is the way to make more people interested in your topic. That said, make sure you use #LinkedInLive to expand your audience outside your followers’ base.

Avoid Pre-Recorded Videos

If you’re streaming pre-recorded videos, you’re defeating the fundamental purpose of LinkedIn Live. The whole point of a live stream is to generate a dialogue with your followers. If you’re uploading pre-recorded videos, you’re confusing your audience and risking losing them. You could, perhaps, include a few clips of pre-recorded content as a part of your stream, but make sure you’re going live in real-time if you really want to reap the most out of it.

Develop an Engagement Plan

Make sure you capitalize upon the superpower of going live – real-time engagement. Interacting with your audience in real-time is what makes the entire stream look more dynamic and unscripted. Prepare your conversations in advance, conduct ice-breakers to engage your viewers. Keep a keen eye on incoming questions and respond smartly. These are all tactics to increase engagement.


Have a moderator on the team who has Page Admin rights to moderate the stream on LinkedIn. This is particularly helpful in managing comments and making sure you don’t miss out on any. Also, a moderator will act fast to delete or report any inappropriate ones to ensure an overall positive image in front of the viewers.

Avoid Going Live More Than Once a Day

A subset of your followers is notified through a push notification every time you go live. These are generally those active followers on LinkedIn when you go live and a percentage of those inactive followers who are most likely to engage with your video. Hence, pinging them more than once a day can eventually lead to a suboptimal experience and put out a desperate image of yours. So, avoid going live more than once a day.

Repurpose Your Stream

The content journey doesn’t end with an executed live stream. You can repurpose this video content to reuse it for a lot more marketing materials. You can slice the broadcast into video ads, for instance, or transcribe the conversation into a blog post.

Keep Track of Analytics

LinkedIn provides detailed analytics for your live stream performance. So, make sure you keep track of these critical metrics to gauge the impact of your live video strategy as well as track its success against your goals:

  • Total number of views
  • Total minutes watched
  • Peak number of concurrent viewers during the live stream
  • Viewers of both live and replay versions
  • Number of reactions, comments, and shares

The Sky is the Limit!

As more businesses embrace live streaming as an inherent component of their digital marketing strategy, social networks are increasingly launching live streaming features to cater to user needs. While LinkedIn Live was the last to join the race, it has evolved as a new virtual events space to connect communities and reach out to customers wherever they are. As LinkedIn Live streams witness an increase of 158%since February 2020, it is now the right time to leverage LinkedIn Live in your marketing strategy and open up new opportunities. And if you wish to choose to stream to LinkedIn via OneStream Live, the sky is the limit!

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