Today, it is very common to see people watching live videos on social media. These videos are very popular and used by businesses and organizations to interact with their clientele in order to promote the product and virtual events and other activities. Whether you are planning to do personal branding or chair an official online meeting, live streaming is one of the most thrilling social media branding experiences of recent times.

A YouTube broadcast video can be used for both personal and professional reasons. Interestingly, viewers also get an opportunity to use this app as a search engine. Once you are familiar with YouTube Live, the next is to know all the benefits of using YouTube Live Streaming.

1.  Vast Network

YouTube has a commendably wide community and there is hardly any individual who has not visited this platform at least once. It is the second most popular social media platform. No wonder, 8 of 10 marketers uses YouTube as their marketing platform because people watch one billion hours of video on YouTube every day and generate billions of views. It is interesting to note that YouTube has over 2 billion users per month and this is a huge number considering the world population. Owing to the vast network and billions of views a video on YouTube can get, 62% of businesses use the platform as a channel to market their video content across the world. Showcasing their products through live streams, a huge number of individual influencers also promote their personal brand through YouTube live streaming.

2. The Monetary Factor

“YouTube can make you good money”, I’m sure we’ve all heard that line, let’s look at how you can do it:

  1. It takes time and effort to be able to generate revenue or make money on YouTube Live but once you cross the tipping point, the experience is life-changing. One way is that you can allow viewers to support you through Super Chat and create an accord to promote yourself. Personal branding remains the key here.
  2. Views, likes and comments! These three factors can help you generate big money on your YouTube live stream. The catch is to try and make your content as engaging as possible to get the best possible reactions.
  3. Another way through which you can market your products is through sponsorship or advertisements. Sponsorships are done if you already have an established channel with some followers. You could design the content of your live stream according to the product and could advertise it for your sponsor.
  4. During a live stream you can use your discussion and incorporate any advertisement for a product. For example, if you are streaming live on your health and fitness channel then you can market your products such as sports apparel or other merchandise. This will significantly aid in gathering more traffic and diversify the topic as well.

3.  Audience Diversity

The YouTube community is quite diverse and unique and people from all walks of life enjoy streaming on YouTube. Only in the US, about 73% of US adults use YouTube. The age group of 15–22 years comprise of the 77% usage of YouTube.

4.  Business Prospects

YouTube allows you to market your services and products. So, if you are planning to start your business and launch your products, it is best to use YouTube Live for engaging multiple audiences and showcasing your products. Many business opportunities are available to the general public as well so it is likely that they would exploit their options using YouTube Live. Given the current pandemic situation, even the established businesses had to go online to market their services/products. So it is best for the start-ups to exploit YouTube Live.

5. Career Channel

Since several live streaming services are available online, you can opt for a career as a user, content specialist and earn from YouTube broadcast videos without investing so much money. Most of the videos are live, you don’t have to spend much on multiple takes or post-production expenditure. For instance, health and fitness trainers can live stream their videos on a healthy diet and physical exercises to flourish their careers and do personal branding without spending so much money on production.

6.  Collaborating with YouTube Live Stream Events

Many social media platforms like Instagram have introduced a feature where other content creators can become a part of your live stream but it doesn’t carry much influence as compared to collaboration done with YouTube Live streaming events. Thus, YouTube offers bright prospects for brand partnerships and mutual growth.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, these benefits can help you understand the importance of using YouTube as your Live Stream go-to platform. The huge and diverse community that YouTube has, allows you to engage a diverse set of an audience from different countries and even though you are just starting, you are likely to have at least 50–70 live stream viewers on your stream.

However, you can explore multiple other options as well, such as multi-streaming, that allows you to spare yourself of having to stream individually on each social media platform. OneStream Live is a comprehensive live streaming solution that allows you to multi-stream to over 40 social media and the web from a single touchpoint.

Happy Streaming!

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